Future Rewind


Future Rewind is a 12 year old strategic consulting company
specialised in scenariothinking, strategy dialogue and market innovation
 Most activities is handled by 
and networked resources.
Our core mission is to help corportations understad and position for their future


In times characterised by rapid and fundamental changes
 scenario thinking is a powerful tool in order to map future
business, opportunities and threats
 - and respond to these with strategic development and innovation.
The main purpose of Future Rewind is therefore to assist
our customers in developing the foresight
required to succeed in rapidly changing markets



From time to time when the opportunity is blue ocean we provice seed investmens. 
Below a list of our historical and current investment portfolio.


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Co-founded Plutolife January 2001 and built it to a international success - launching mobile games and community services in over 40 countries. Became one of the world leaders within mobile dating with over 1,5 million subscribers. Sold our stake to Funcom in conjunction with a successful IPO in Oslo december 2005. From June 2008 fully owned by Jumbuck, http://jumbuck.com